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Sharing the Joy of Rewards Christmas Giveaway 【送礼】欢乐圣诞赠好礼

Unleash the magic of Christmas and win prizes worth more than $5,000! 订户有机会赢取价值超过5000元的惊喜礼品!
Subscribers only

Expiry Date: 17 December 2023 11:59pm

Unleash the magic of Christmas and win prizes worth more than $5,000! Sixty-seven lucky subscribers will walk away with tickets to the animated movie Migration; an unforgettable frosty experience at Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland; a delectable Chocolate Origin Premium Ruby cake; an exquisite Italian dining experience at Solo Ristorante; a Philips Air Fryer; or a Tiger skillet pan. This giveaway ends on Dec 17.

*Prizes are randomly assigned. Food prizes will not be allocated to subscribers who have indicated that they are on halal diet.

Subscribers can win the following prizes:

A pair of tickets to the movie Migration (20 winners)
A pair of Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland tickets (20 winners)
$200 Solo Ristorante dining vouchers (5 winners)
One Chocolate Origin Premium Ruby cake (20 winners)
One Philips Air Fryer (1 winner)
One Tiger skillet pan (1 winner)



一对Ice Magic: Winter Wonderland冰雪乐园门票(20对)
一张价值200元的Solo Ristorante意大利餐厅餐饮券(5张)
一个Chocolate Origin圣诞主题巧克力蛋糕(20个)



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