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SCCC Thunderous Heaven《雷鸣回响》

Stand a chance to win a pair of Cat 3 tickets worth $20/pair 有机会赢得1对 CAT 3《雷鸣回响:望月寻春风》门票(每对价值$20)
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Expiry Date: 22 October 2023 11:59pm

In this iteration of Thunderous Heaven, Reverberance Ltd would be collaborating with local composer Sulwyn Lok to present a set of five concertos strung together around the theme of the human heart. Each concerto is dedicated to a different Reverberance musician, and Sulwyn has masterfully crafted stories inspired by their music.

Join us for this touching and introspective concert as we delve deep into the moonlit yonder.

This concert is part of Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s youth cultural festival, REMIX 2K23.

Take part in our giveaway simply by clicking on the button above by Oct 22, and you might be one of the twenty lucky winners to receive a pair of Cat 3 tickets worth $20/pair.


Features for this concert:

  • Collaboration with Singapore’s uprising music composer, Sulwyn Lok
  • Showcase of our local Chinese-Wind Percussion Ensemble in a storyline production
  • Immerse in the extraordinary visual-audio experience 

Highlights of the key performer:

  • Muhammad Afiq Bin Zaini, a non-Chinese graduate of NUS Engineering, will be showcasing a concerto that deeply resonates with him, featuring the traditional Chinese instrument, Guanzi.
  • Husband and wife duo Wei Hong and Chu Ying, both winners of the 1st Prize in the National Chinese Music Competition (Suona Open Category) in 2016 and 2018 respectively, will perform a world premiere repertoire dedicated to them in the form of a double Suona concerto.

Concert Details

Date: 5 November 2023 (Sunday), 5pm

Venue: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre
Far East Organisation Auditorium, Level 9
1 Straits Boulevard Singapore 018906

Contact: Goh Wei Hong (+65 9711 3062) / Chan De Rui (+65 8668 4337)


这场音乐会是新加坡华族文化中心青年文化节锐·MIX 2K23 活动之一。

新加坡华族文化中心准备了20对 CAT 3《雷鸣回响:望月寻春风》门票(每对价值$20),回答一道简单问题,就有机会赢得1对11月5日,下午5点的门票。送票活动将于10月22日(星期日)截止。得奖者将最迟于11月2日(星期四)收到电邮通知。



  1. 与新加坡崭露头角的音乐作曲家骆思卫合作
  2. 以故事情节的制作中展示我们本地的华族吹打乐团
  3. 沉浸在非凡的视听体验中


  • 毕业于新加坡国立大学工程系的非华裔演奏家莫哈末阿菲,将用传统乐器管子,演奏与他有深刻共鸣的协奏曲,讲述着他追逐音乐梦想道路上的的亢奋与纠结。
  • 2016年和2018年的全国华乐大赛(唢呐公开组)冠军夫妻档伟鸿和琡媖,他们将以双唢呐协奏曲的形式演奏一部世界首演的曲目。


日期: 2023年11月5日(星期日),下午5点

地点: 新加坡华族文化中心,远东机构表演,九楼
1 Straits Boulevard, Singapore 018906

联系人: 吴伟鸿 (+65 9711 3062),曾德瑞(+65 8668 4337)


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