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Wu Gu Feng CNY Promotion

Enjoy 15% off on three meticulously curated promotional sets
Subscribers only

Expiry Date: 26 February 2024 11:59pm

Indulge in an exquisite culinary partnership this Chinese New Year, as SPH Rewards and WuGuFeng SINGAPORE unveil an exclusive collaboration for SPH subscribers with discerning palates.

From now till 26 Feb 2024, SPH subscribers can enjoy 15% off on three meticulously curated promotional sets, available exclusively through WuGuFeng SINGAPORE’s e-Boutique: https://tinyurl.com/WuGuFengPromo. Simply click on the button above to redeem the promo code and apply it at check out. Do note that this promotion and other discounts may not be used in conjunction with one another.


Ideal for those seeking a classic touch, featuring Small Pot of Gold, Lapis Cake, and Macadamia Cheese Cookies.

  1. Small Pot of Gold, Assorted Cookies in an Auspicious Red Pot – 1 Pot (720g, $98)
    A variety of delicious cookies filled in a small red barrel, signifying a prosperous year.
  2. Lapis Cake Original in Wooden Reusable Gift Box – 1 box (500g, $49)
    A classic Singaporean rich spiced cake with a smooth, layered texture.
  3. Macadamia Cheese Cookie – 1 can (360g, $32)
    Rich cheese and macadamia nuts intertwine to create a unique taste experience.


Grand and festive, this set boasts Majestic Crane Assorted Cookies, a larger Lapis Cake, and refreshing Konnyaku Jelly KOI Fish.

  1. Majestic Crane Cookies Assortment in an Auspicious 2-layer Metal gift box w/ Canvas Bag – 1 Box (720 g, $60)
    A delicate 2-layer can with auspicious crane design, filled with a variety of delicious cookies, signifying good luck and longevity. It is the perfect gift for elders to wish them good health and longevity.
  2. Lapis Cake Original in Wooden Reusable Gift Box – 1 box (1kg, $65)
    A larger Lapis Cake as compared with the classic set A, perfect for sharing with a group of 8-10 pax.
  3. A set of 3 pcs realistic-looking Konnyaku Jelly KOI Fishes in a Cooler Bag – 1 Set (450g/fish x 3, $63)
    A refreshing and chewy healthy dessert that is perfect for after dinner. It is very high in fiber, beautiful and elegant, with a rich taste.  It is Vegan.


A vibrant symphony of flavors, featuring Peranakan Pineapple 6pcs Gift Box, Mango Pound Cake, Mixed Nuts Nougat, Egg Roll,Strawberry Filling Cookie, Lotus Gold coin and Traditional NianGao.

  1. Peranakan Pineapple Gift Box 6pcs w/ matching Pretty Gift Bag – 1 box (300g, $25)
    Six pieces of Peranakan pineapple shortcakes, with a crispy texture and subtle pineapple aroma. Our colorful Peranakan packaging is the talk-in-town, festive and very eye-catching.
  2. Mango Pound Cake in metal Gift box – 1 box (1lb, $33)
    An ancient British recipe, with a rich mango aroma that will leave one yearning for more.
  3. Mixed Nuts Nougat in a small cute Glass Bottle – 1 btl (350g, $26)
    A blend of various dried fruits & nuts, with a rich aroma and a sweet but not cloying taste.
  4. Gula Melaka Egg Roll – 1 box (2 pkts x 4 rolls, $19)
    A good union of coconut sugar and crispy egg rolls.
  5. Strawberry Filling Cookie – 1 can (380g, $30)
    The flawless fusion of strawberry fruitiness and rich butter.
  6. Lotus Gold Coin – 1 can (420g, $29)
    Bronze-colored crust with pure and soft lotus seed filling.  These cookies exactly resemble a bucket of ancient coins!  Very auspicious to giveaway.
  7. Traditional New Year Cake NianGao in Wooden Reusable Gift Box – 1 box (1kg, $30)
    Meaningful and auspicious NianGao, with a soft chewy texture and sweet taste.

今年农历新年,新加坡报业集团 (SPH Rewards) 和五谷豐新加坡礼饼 (WuGuFeng SINGAPORE) 将携手为报业集团忠实订户带来独家美味惊喜!热爱精致糕点礼饼的您,千万不要错过!

即日起至2024年2月26日,SPH订户只须在付款时引用独家促销代码,可以享有15% 的独家折扣,购买五谷豐精心策划的三款新年礼套,数量有限,售完即止!礼套可通过五谷豐线上礼饼店选购:https://tinyurl.com/WuGuFengPromo

>经典套装SPH PROMO A(价值$179)


  1. 富贵一桶金,多款可口的牛油曲奇混合在一个红色吉祥桶内(720克,$98)
  2. 原味千层蛋糕,精致典雅木制礼盒装 – 1盒(500克,$49)
  3. 夏果芝士曲奇 – 1罐(360克,$32)

>豪华套装 SPH PROMO B(价值$188)


  1. 华丽仙鹤双层礼罐花色曲奇,附送精美帆布礼袋 – 1套(720克,$60)
  2. 原味千层蛋糕,精致典雅木制礼盒装 – 1盒(1公斤,$65)
    比经典配套SET A更大的千层蛋糕,适合8-10人分享。
  3. 三条栩栩如生富贵蒟蒻锦鲤果冻,附送保温袋 – 1套(每条鱼450克 x 3条,共$63)

>缤纷套装 SPH PROMO C(价值$192)


  1. 娘惹凤梨酥6粒装精致礼盒,附送漂亮可爱小礼袋 – 1套(300克,$25)
  2. 芒果磅磅蛋糕,优雅铁罐礼盒 – 1罐(1磅,$33)
  3. 小巧玲珑玻璃瓶装杂果手制牛轧糖 – 1瓶(350克,$26)
  4. 椰糖蛋卷 – 1盒(2包 x 4卷,$19)
  5. 草莓软心曲奇 – 1罐(380克,$30)
  6. 金钱莲子小馅饼 – 1罐(420克,$29)
  7. 传统年糕木制礼盒装 – 1盒(1公斤,$30)


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