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15% off Japanese soups and ramens
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Expiry Date: 15 January 2025 11:59pm

MiiRai, a distributor of fine foodstuffs, believes that healthy food can be delicious, nutritious and convenient.

MiiRai offers the Maazel Maazel range of soups and vegan ramens from Japan that caters to the needs of modern consumers. Easy to prepare and nutritious, Maazel Maazel products contain 34 types of vegetables and koji rice.

From now till Jan 15, 2025, SPH Media subscribers can enjoy a 15% sitewide discount on MiiRai products. Please apply the above promo code upon check-out, and do note that this promotion and other discounts may not be used in conjunction with one another.

To redeem the promo code, click on the button above.

MiiRai 是专注于国际精选食品的品牌集合店,他们坚信健康食品可以同时兼具美味、营养和便捷。MiiRai 推出了源自日本的 Maazal Maazel 系列汤和纯素拉面,旨在满足现代消费者的需求。Maazel Maazel 产品富含 34 种蔬菜和米曲,为消费者提供营养丰富的选择。 即日起至2025年1月15日,SPH Media 订户在 MiiRai 的网站上购买食品,只需在付款时引用独家促销代码(点击以上按钮获取),即可享有 15% 的独家折扣。