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Maison Berger Paris

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Expiry Date: 31 March 2025 11:59pm

Renowned for its exceptional quality, Maison Berger Paris has chosen to apply the same charter to its collection of fragrance products.

The raw materials that make up Maison Berger Paris home fragrances are subject to specific internal standards that are more stringent than those required by European and American pharmacopoeias, as well as by the International Fragrance Association.

Maison Berger Paris fragrance products only diffuse perfectly mastered and controlled output to ensure safe emission into the air. This means you do not have to worry as all aspects, from fragrance to emissions, are carefully tested and proven safe before Maison Berger Paris products are mass produced.

The goodness and functionality of air purification comes from the catalytic burner, leaving you the option to choose to diffuse your preferred scent at home, with over 30 different scents all developed by Maison Berger Paris’ in-house nose.

In the core of the brand’s DNA, fragrance is not about masking odour, but elevating the interior environment while adding a lingering and luxurious fragrance.

From now till Mar 31, 2025, SPH Media subscribers can enjoy 20% off diffusers, including stick diffusers and mist diffusers. Please apply the above promo code upon payment to enjoy the promotion. Do note that this promotion and other discounts may not be used in conjunction with one another.

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Maison Berger Paris 是拥有 123 年历史的法国香氛品牌,着重于空气净化、香气与装饰三大层面,通过增添持久奢华的香气来提升室内环境的品质。 品牌独特的专利催化燃烧器在散发香气之余,还能消灭细菌、异味、霉菌和恶臭分子。Maison Berger Paris 也推出了一系列新的除臭扩香棒,在消除目标气味的同时,为空间增添芳香。 除了对原材料的严格要求,Maison Berger Paris对香氛的品质及释放的气体也严格管控,确保产品在批量生产前,都通过仔细测试。

从即日起至2025年3月31日,SPH Media 订户只须在购买 Maison Berger Paris 扩香器(包括扩香棒及喷雾扩香器),使用专属优惠码 (点击以上按钮获取),就能享有20%折扣。优惠码可在网页和店面使用。此促销活动不得与其他折扣并用。

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