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Brewlander Promotion

Enjoy 10% off all beers
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Expiry Date: 31 October 2024 11:59pm

Brewlander, a Singaporean craft brewery, started as a pint-sized home-brewing operation in a cozy HDB flat before blossoming into a regional brewing favourite, shaking up the Asian beer scene. Their brews juggle flavour and quality, a testament to our unbridled passion for the brewing arts. They also love to sneak our eccentric spirit into every sip, making each encounter a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable adventure. 

Brewlander works towards a future filled with better beers while raising a glass to celebrate the art, the people within the craft community, and the sheer joy of sharing a fantastic pint. Cheers to hoppy days ahead, leading the craft! 

From now till Oct 31, SPH Media subscribers can enjoy 10% off all beers excluding personalised bundles, credits, and gift cards at Brewlander’s website. Please apply the above promo code upon payment to enjoy the promotion. Do note that this promotion and other discounts may not be used in conjunction with one another.

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新加坡精酿啤酒厂Brewlander最初是一家位于组屋内的小型家庭酿造工作室,后来发展成为一个备受欢迎的区域性酿酒厂。去年,他们在本地举办了Brewnanza Fest啤酒节,展示了来自本地和海外啤酒厂的100多种独特啤酒。Brewlander的创始人当时表示,他们的目标始终如一,就是要扩大人们对新加坡啤酒的认知和鉴赏,同时支持本地精酿啤酒。



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