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Original Greens Promotion

Enjoy 15% off all ala carte dishes
Subscribers only

Expiry Date: 15 November 2024 11:59pm

Original Greens, a newly established fusion vegetarian restaurant, is making waves in Singapore’s F&B scene with its innovative approach to vegetarian cuisine. They aim to cater to both Western and Chinese food enthusiasts, providing a tantalizing blend of flavors that sets it apart from traditional vegetarian establishments.

What sets Original Greens apart is its fusion concept! Original Greens introduces a unique blend of Western and Chinese flavors and the restaurant takes pride in offering a diverse menu that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

From now till 15 November 2024, SPH subscribers can enjoy 15% off all ala carte dishes. A reservation is required in order to enjoy the promotion. Please quote the promo code when making the reservation. Do note that this promotion and other discounts may not be used in conjunction with one another.

To redeem the promo code, click on the button above.

Original Greens是一家全新开业的融合素食餐厅,以其创新的素食烹饪方式在本地餐饮界独树一帜。餐厅采用新鲜的当地食材进行烹制,旨在迎合西餐和中餐爱好者的需求,并为素食爱好者提供独特的美食体验。

Original Greens将西餐和中国风味进行融合,提供多样化的菜单来满足食客各种口味和喜好。招牌主菜包括芝士通心粉、培根蛋面、沙爹橄榄炒饭、纯素曼哈顿肉丸扁面条等。同时,餐厅供应苹果派、布朗尼等甜点和冰柠檬茶、卡布奇诺等饮品。

即日起至2024年11月15日,SPH订户只须在预约时引用独家促销代码(点击链接获取),即可享受单点(A La Carte)菜品15%的折扣。


  • 请在预约时引用独家促销代码以享受此折扣;
  • 此优惠不可与其他任何折扣或促销同时使用。


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